Powers Squared Comic Book

Powers Squared tells the story of how twins come to grips with awesome powers they’ve been granted when they were young.

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Powers Squared

"New Adult" super hero story

The Creative Team

Created by David, Paul and Trevor Hankins

Written by David and Paul Hankins

Pencils and Inks:

Sika Murti (Issues #1-5)

Rachel Wells (Issues #6 - )

Covers Issues #3 and #5 by Rachel Wells


Lisa Richards (Issues #1 and 2)

Paige Cambern (Issues #3, 4 and 5)

Got Moxie LLC (Issues #6 - )

Lettering by Trevor Hankins http://www.trevorhankinsart.com/

Issues for Sale at comiXology.

Follow the links:

Issue # 1 on sale on comiXology July 12, 2017 http://bit.ly/2sK3TAv

Issue #2 on sale on comiXoloy July 19, 2017



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Powers Squared Comic Book