the friends


18. Comes from a broken home, though his mother has remarried.   Not certain what he wants to do.   Lives at home with his mother and her second husband.   Plays video games. Likes Heavy Metal. Plays card game Magic: The Gathering. 


18. His parents are still married and he has a younger sister.  Studying to be an engineer.  Lives at home with his parents. Likes video games and plays Magic the Gathering. Watches anime.  


17. Comes from a broken home, though his father has remarried.  Works part-time at a restaurant. Wants to be a cook. Lives at home with his father and step-mother, but they are very hands-off. Plays video games and plays Yu-gi-oh.   

Childhood Friends

Steve and Don have been friends since childhood. They met Kirby in High School and take a backseat to him in public.


Friends with Marty and Eli

The three met Marty and Eli on the first day of Community College. All five had the same Freshman English class.


None of them know where they're going to finish their degrees, but they plan to remain close no matter what.