Jennifer Perry


18 and very pretty, Jennifer comes from well-to-do parents; her father is a lawyer. She, too, attended San Romero High School. Jennifer lives at home with her parents and drives a nice "used" car.

Personal Characteristics

Has a confidence which comes from a lot of ego-stroking growing up. Knows she’s attractive and has been told so all of her life.  She's nice, but doesn't always notice other people outside her circle of friends.


An avid tennis player, Jennifer is taking Japanese at school and enjoys reading manga. 

Past Romances

Dated Kirby back in High School (at least that's what he tells people).

How She Meets Marty and Eli

Jennifer has Instructor Miller's Science class with the boys and is later introduced to them by Kirby at the Student Union coffee shop.

Future Plans

Even though she's attending a Community College, she plans to go to a good four-year college. Not sure yet what the degree will be in.