About Marty and eli

Marty and Eli Powers

Marty and Eli Powers are 19 year old twin brothers, living away from home for the first time in their lives. 


Their plan is to live with their Uncle Brian while they attend college in San Romero. Slightly introverted, the thought was that a new town would give them a fresh start after high school.   

Areas of Interest

Marty likes to play guitar, which his Uncle Brian is tutoring him on. Uncle Brian is also tutoring Eli on drawing, which is his passion.


The boys have three friends that they've met while at school: Kirby, Steve and Don. They frequently meet in the Student Union coffee shop before and after classes.


When the boys were much younger, they freed a Kitsune, a magical fox, who was trapped under a tree limb. As a thank you, she granted them Super powers which they have been oblivous to most of their lives.


Now, Marty and Eli, two boys would just want to have fun in college, have to defend themselves, their family and their friends from people who will stop at nothing to control the powers they possess.